Published May 4, 2012 by A Magical Place

All right people, I have some positives to share!

First…  I have a job!  Hooray!  I’m working at the “lingerie ‘n more” store again, and I’m pretty much fucking excited.

Second… I didn’t share this earlier because I was very upset about it, but Julie, our little stray, had become very ill.  She was born with an immune deficiency very similar to someone with HIV.  But, today after three days of hospitalization little Julie is on the up swing and is doing a lot better.  She may even get to come home today!

Third…  I’m finally getting all my paperwork together for College and that is incredible to me.  I can finally finish my degree!  Let’s boogie.  Seriously, dance for me.  🙂

Oh and my house is clean.  Well, almost.  I mean we all need limits.  I actually just cleaned the counter and rearranged the pillows on the sofa.  That’s really all anyone looks at anyway, right?  OH! And I sanitized Julie’s kennel so she doesn’t get sick again just in case she comes home tomorrow.  See…  I’m a planner.  *wink wink*

In closing today was pretty much a five-star fabulous day.  🙂


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