Amazon Kindle – Kiss of Freedom

If you would love to check out my fantasy fiction novel about a young Irish peasant with an insatiable curiosity, Erina hides behind her smiles and laughter, but she feels alone in the world.  Her village has been plagued with horrific Viking raids since she was a child, resulting in the loss of her parents and many friends.  Now, it’s better to be alone than risk the possible loss of a spouse or child. And then she meets Liam, who makes her re-think her philosophy on life and love.

Liam has played the role of faithful son, prince and Tuatha de Danann warrior for more than a thousand centuries.  He waits in the permanent twilight of Faerie for the day that his people may be forgiven, to walk once more as mortals.   

Fueled by Erina’s curiosity, and the passion to survive, together they battle not only the Vikings that are being led by a terrible War Goddess, but also their own personal demons.


I invite you to Amazon Kindle!


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