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Here’s to Blogging

Published April 28, 2012 by A Magical Place

Okay, stay with me here – I’m terribly new to this whole blogging thing.

First off, I found a puppy on the side of the highway on Monday and of course (big sigh) I picked it up, because well… who can leave a puppy on the side of the road?  Not me!  Turns out (as I promptly took the little lab looking thing to the vet) Julie – yep already named her too – has every puppy problem known to man but parvo.  Great.  So after my bank account cried, Julie and I went home and I sat staring at her wondering what to do with a puppy.  I’ve had a baby – those I can handle, but puppies pee.  And not in diapers.  They also like to chew… and not on their purposely purchased toys.

So far, after five days, the Julie is still very sick but peeing outside.  YAY!  She also has learned I’m not pleased to be treated as a chew toy.

In other news…

I found out I have received my first five-star review on for Kiss of Freedom and let me tell you I nearly peed myself (like Julie) I was so excited.  I was sitting in sticky leather seating at the oil change business when I saw the little stars shining brilliantly up at me from the screen of my to0-high-tech-for-me phone.  Oh thank you whoever you are!

All right… I’ll try this again tomorrow.  ‘Night folks!