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I am Shameless

Published April 30, 2012 by A Magical Place

I know I am doing a lot of shameless self-promotion here on this blog, but really I’m still in the shocked phase of actually realizing a publisher wanted to take my little fantasy fiction novel and put it into hands of real life people.  That blows my mind.  Like… I wouldn’t be nearly as shocked if a three-headed pit bull named sassy learned to talk than I am about being a published author.

You must forgive this shameless act of indulgence.  Please!

Now on to some mundane things:

I may be hired back at the lingerie ‘n more (take the “n more” as far as your imagination will allow you) store soon.  I certainly hope so.  I think the bank teller actually cringes when they see me walk in.

Right now I’m reading Pale Demon by Kim Harrison and its fabulous.  Love fantasy fiction.  *Big Grin*

Love, love, love. ❤